Lapwings and Skylarks

Friday, 9 March 2012

We went up to BB last Wednesday as the forecast looked very good. We were not disappointed although as we left the marina on Thursday morning at 10am it was thick mist. By the time we reached bridge 103 and a stop for coffee it had cleared to glorious and dare I say warm sunshine. We had cruised past Lapwings doing their display flying over the fields and listened to Skylarks singing. It was glorious spring weather and the canal was at its best with only a few other boats around.

A short stop and then into Braunston and Wharf House Chandlery to buy 3 new fire extinguishers for our Boat Safety Scheme examination booked for the 15 March. It was then back to bridge 101 for the evening. The stove was lit as it was chilly once the sun went down.Set off for home on Saturday in the rain! which we do need.

A few pictures follow of the short trip

Spring sunshine colours of the hedgerow-David Hockney still influencing me!

Two swans in the field opposite spent all day munching through the farmers greens. They really arre brick built birds- very powerfull when seen out of water

The view out of the side hatch when we stopped for coffee-not all the mist has burnt off yet.

Approaching Braunston the usual spire view but the old windmill stump is very noticable from this angle
BB in evenung sunshine at Bridge 101 our mooring for the night

Sunset looking forward from our Br101 mooring