Beta 38 engine service in a trad stern boat

Saturday, 31 March 2018

We went up to the boat before Easter primarily to be around when the engine was serviced. Whilst I am no engineer and find it very hard to get in and around the engine nowadays, I do like to be at the boat when it is being done We have a Beta 38 which sits under the boards as you come inside at the back of the boat. Our boat is a trad design which in effect maximises the internal space but does make the area available for the steerer  very tight. It usually makes the access on trad stern narrow boats very low and difficult to get in and out. When we had the boat built I was very concerned about this aspect of the build and of the three final boat builders we had short listed Stowe Hill was the only one that said they could make sure that there was enough space and head room for me to get in and out , I am 6ft 2 with back trouble! We also have a wider than normal rear hatch space.

Stowe used an engine with a lower domestic alternator fixing which therefore let's the cover over the engine sit lower which provides more space.This together with an offset corridor into the bedroom gives  much easier access. The only downside is that it takes sometime to get all the covers off the engine so that there is easy access for servicing.

Lòoking in from the stern with all top covers removed

 Looking from the bedroom the eberspacher diesel heater is the black box at the back of the engine. The panels on the left are also removable so that there is complete access to the engine if required.The large domestic alternator on the top of the engine has a modified fixing which lets it sit lower.

Whilst the service was being carried out the local resident hit squad decided to make a visit.  He waddled right up to the boat and then started to hiss at us- after a while  he the went off to find somebody else to harass. When out of the water you do really appreciate their size.

Tethering,wifi hotspots and fishing boat on the Isle of Skye

Thursday, 22 March 2018

I am still trying to get my brain around a new method of posting the blog whilst we are out cruising. I was given a Samsung Galaxy S2 recently and decided to connect it to the internet via a tethering link to Anne's smartphone. This makes the phone a wifi hot spot which then enables the  tablet to connect to the internet. I had started to use the Android app for blogger but found it impossible to load a picture and not very easy to use. On looking at comments it would appear that I am not the only one and the recommendation is use blogger through the browser. Which 
is how I am doing this entry.

The photo below is a cross stitch Anne has been doing on BB for some time. Although not a narrow boat it is a boat and we purchased the kit on Skye a few years ago,in fact on leaving Portree there were some fishing boats by the side of the road in the same state of decay.