70ft Cowburn & Cowper narrowboat in 7mm scale and getting ready for our trip to Llangollen

Thursday, 5 April 2018

 We decided to go up to the boat over Easter  to get her ready for our first long trip in 2 years - we are off to Llangollen in a few weeks. We only managed one job and that was to wash the roof and as the weather was so bad no trip out. Therefore no proper boat pictures so just one of a 7mm model of a 72ft Star class motor boat. The picture is taken in the wharf area of my 7mm narrow gauge layout called Shrewsbury Wharf. The loco is on a siding of standard gauge track feeding  the wharf.

W H Cowburn & Cowpar started trading in the 1870s as chemical manfacturers. Swallow was built in 1934 and used to carry carbon disulphide for Courtaulds in the manufacture of artificial fibres.This traffic declined after the 2nd world war and boats were converted to carry coal and I have assumed general cargo. C & C stopped canal transport in 1956.

I have created this entry through notes on the tablet and then cut and pasted it into the blog entry. Its then been posted via Anne's phone using it as a wifi hotspot via tethering- success.