Through Hawkesbury Junction and now below Hillmorton locks.

Friday, 8 June 2018

We continue to make steady progress although the weather has changed its approach. Compared to the last few weeks its been a cloudy and chilly start with the sun finally making its appearance during the afternoon. Last night we were moored at Hawkesbury Junction There are not many suitable moorings as you head south towards Rugby so we had a longish day of nearly 6 hours to do 16 miles. We are now moored just before the bottom lock at Hillmorton. Now all the building work on the new M1 link road has finished for the day it's very rural!

Hawkesbury Junction is a classic canal location. As you approach it the first thing that you see is the old engine pump house that used to feed water into the Coventry Canal.

At the junction we have to turn left. This means a 180 degree turn under the cast iron bridge.

Anne closing the lock after I had made a perfect turn - as usual nobody was around to appreciate it. We are now on the Oxford canal. The Coventry canal is behind the building on the right.

Interesting Mural on an old railway bridge support.

In the style of the old Brighton Bell train