Toilet gauge sorted

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

During October/November I manged to spend eight days on the boat sorting out the jobs I have been putting off. All the paint touch up work has been done and I have cleaned and put Rylard's Incralac on all the outside brass bits. A few people have recommended it so I thought I'll give it a go and see how it performs over the winter months.

I have also with Keith from the marina sorted the Tank Watch gauge which is now showing empty again. Following a good pump out and flush through,Keith removed the gauge from the tank the smell was not bad at all. There was a build up round the mid level sensor that looked like calcium. That was cleaned off and the sensor put back and all is well. We have always used Odorlos holding tank fluid which is a product from the USA that is now available in a lot more outlets and does really appear to keep the smells under control.

New blogg layout

The new blogg layout is now on with a few useful comments actions back in October. Hopefully the entries will be a bit more regulary as we start planning for our first long trip