Weather sends us home

Sunday, 7 September 2008

The weather following my last post has been going downhill all the time with heavy rain and wind, all part of the rich tapestry of boating. We had to go back to Welford Wharf so that Les could replace the four engine mounts last Wednesday and therefore we had some time to waste.

Walks around Welford and North Kilworth which produced the following photos.

Although August has been very wet the reservoir that feeds the Leicester Section of the Grand Union at Welford is very low.

We moored for th night on the aquaduct over the River Avon just outside Welford and I walked into North Kilworth about 2 miles away which has some great road names!

And a cottage disappearing under ivy

BB at Market Harborough's Union Wharf, the building behind her is an old warehouse now the Waterfront restaurant- excellent meal was had.

Going back up the Foxton flight one side pond was empty due to few boats coming down the flight. There are a few flights of locks which still use side ponds put in to conserve water in that the water from one lock is taken through the side pond into the next lock so using only one lock of water for each boat passing through the flight- simple but very efficient. The other major flight which uses this principle is the Caen Hill flight near Devizes which hopefully we will visit next year.

You don't see many motorway maintenance vehicles on the canals.

The forecast for this weekend and beyond was awful so we decided that we didn't need to stay on the boat as we can come back anytime. A problem with the Leicester arm is that I could not get an Orange 3G signal so was unable to update the blog whilst out so I am going to look at possible alternatives that appear to be based around "dongles".

The problem continues to be finding good cappuccinos with only Market Harborough providing any respite. How about a mobile coffee shop in a Narrowboat - could be a good business opportunity.