Sunflowers and bow light by Eli Griffiths & Sons

Saturday, 9 September 2017

We have still not managed to get away for any longer than a few days during August. Although I have seen the cardiologist this week and he is very pleased with the outcome and I no longer have atrial fibrillation - long may it last-  and I can also come off the amiodarone which has some nasty side effects.
 Our trip out in August was just into Braunston to collect a tin of roof paint I had ordered back in July. On our way in we went past a field which didn't have cereals or rape seed but was full of sunflowers which made a very cheerful change
The field of happy sunflower faces.

We have a ships lantern as our bow light which we obtained during the build of BB. Whilst I knew the name of the manufacturer, I didn't know much about them.

Eli Griffiths & Sons of Beacon Works Bradford Street Birmingham were manufactures of ship,railway & road vehicle lamps. The Company was established in 1870, still trading in 1940 and was voluntarily wound up in 1963.
Manufacturers plate - H355
It was originally supplied galvanized - Stowe Hill Marine painted it in traditional style and added a car spot light. It would have had  an oil lamp fitted.