The Journey Begins - well at least the planning

Friday, 8 February 2008

The connection in through Orange worked very well this morning and I am connected via their 3G service which is much quicker.

I have now started planning our trip which will commence on the 1 April which may be appropriate in some ways.

The trip up will be via North Oxford, Ashby, Coventry,Birmingham & Fazeley, Trent & Mersey, Calden, T&M again and then onto the Llangollen Canal around the end of April. to spend about 3 weeks cruising it together with a trip down the Montgomery Canal.

The trip back is via the Shropshire Union,Staffordshire & Worcester, River Severn (hopefully weather permitting), Worcester & Birmingham, North Stratford and then the Grand Union back to Napton.

355 miles, 307 locks, 25 moveable bridges, 35 small aqueducts , 16 tunnels and 3 large aqueducts. Its made up of 314 miles of narrow canals,29 miles of broad canals, 12 miles of large rivers, 258 narrow locks, 46 broad locks and 3 large river locks. If we did 5 hours cruising per day every day it would take 194 hours 12 mins- luckly we are not in any rush!