Nb Black Bess painted by Dave Bishop

Monday, 8 September 2014

BB has now been painted. We picked her up last weekend and she looks fabulous.There are only a few changes from her original paint scheme of which the main one is the red. It is now Post Office red and the colours on the bow. Anne has been very worried about the red but when we saw it, all was well and it is supposed to last a bit longer. The top of the cheeks used to be red with black around the gas locker. Its now black with red around the gas locker. Dave has done a great job - all hand painted using Masons paint. He has achieved a lovely smooth gloss finish. We have also replaced the cratch cover with one from AJ Canopies of Braunston. Whilst the old Wilson cover still had some live left in it we wanted to improve the fit around the gunwale. The new cover has magnets on the lower edge which fit much better and we now have window blinds.

Even though we had covered everything, removed all the pictures and took a lot of other stuff out of the boat it still took us 2 days of hard work to get the boat back together. She is now back in the marina for a week or so for the paint to harden and then we will be off for a bit of a cruise, probably down the Oxford canal.

Fresh out of dry dock with reflections in the paintwork

Changes to the bow colour scheme

Shows the new brighter red

Side view

We moored near bridge 100- tractors are getting bigger all the time