Managed to get out

Friday, 25 February 2011

BB survived the coldest winter with only a split water pump filter and no sound out of the hifi. Both have now been fixed, the hifi was a dry joint presumably caused by the large range of temperature within the boat.We managed a trip to the boat last week and although the weather was grey and a bit chilly we cast off and left the marina for an overnight trip to Braunston and back. We last went that way in March last year and there have been a few changes.

A few pictures of the trip and my winter project.

Canal junctions are always special, one of my favourites is Braunston Turn- port for the north-starboard for the south. The majesty of the iron bridges against the stark winter trees just make it stand out even more.

As you come into Braunston from the Napton direction you go across Puddlebank which is lined with stone slabs

They have been building a new house near bridge 99 for the last 2 years. It has a timber timber frame of oak and since we last passed has been thatched-a house of real character.

Bridge 100 has over the years been slowly falling down with the brickwork in a very poor state. The problem has now been solved by a quick fix- its all about cost I assume now as its lost its appeal as a brick built bridge.

BW contractors have been working hard with lots of tree clearing so improving the M25 effect on this bit of the Oxford/Grand Union canal, but the satellite TV reception is now much improved. Our mooring near Br100 is now very open and wide.

My winter project has been the building of a Dorset Kit model of the Welshpool & Lanfair 0-6-0 loco in 7mm narrow gauge.One thing I have now found with my right eye is that I have lost the 3D effect which makes it very hard to line things up-especially when very small. I eventually managed to finish it with some help in building the chassis. It just needs painting now.