An Autumn cruise to Banbury

Friday, 10 November 2017

A bit late but during October we did one of our favorite trips ie Banbury and back. The weather was kind in that I only got wet once and we only had to light the fire on a few evenings. The only problem was I managed to headbutt one of the bridges with the chimney but luckily managed to buy a replacement at Fenny Compton. I had pondered whether to bring it in but there was no wind and thought it would be OK- how wrong was that. There are some very sharp/tight bends on the top pound of the Oxford Canal and I manged to screw one up completely- at least there was nobody about to see it!.

Lovely remote countryside but it always looks as if the canal is going down hill

Autumnal colours and autumn fruit outside our porthole at Croperdy

Going downhill so Anne is bringing BB into one of the Claydon flight of locks

This is something you don't see everyday- its a bilge pump outlet  but it did bring a smile.

Not sure whats going on, but there is always something different to see

Autumn colours again as I wait to go into the lock in the centre of Banbury

We came up Croperdy lock between the motor and butty of a hotel boat. Looking back as the butty is manhandled into the lock. All the ladies from the boats were out in the rain really enjoying the trip.