Wet and Windy

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

We have just come back from 8 days on the boat during which we managed to do all the jobs that needed to be done. The only thing we didn't do was take the boat out for a trip. The weather can only be described as bl......y awful with strong winds and heavy rain showers every day - except the day we came home!!!! anyway it was still very nice to be back on the boat.

Whilst we were in NZ I had a continuing problem with my right eye which was still playing up on my return. To cut a very long story short I had an operation for a detached retina 2 weeks ago. The NHS have been fantastic with the operation carried out at the Brighton Eye Hospital a week after I first saw them. I have a gas bubble in my eye which will be replaced over the next 2/3 months by vitreous fluid which should give me back the majority of my sight. The only down side is that I cannot drive and Anne is acting as my very good chauffeur. Therefore no long gtrips this year as I need to go back to the hospital so that they can check progress.

We went to visit Pip & Richard (who spent a few days last year with us on the Llangollen canal ) on their new boat Fino on the River Nene at Oundle Cruising Club

The lovely new boat

Whilst there we walked over to Upper Barnwell Lock with its refurbished Mill restaurant.