Trip to Market Harborough

Saturday, 30 August 2008

We are back on the boat as we needed to take her to Welford to sort out the noise around the engine area. We have replaced the python drive and are due to replace the engine mounts next Tuesday so hopefully this should cure the problem.

The weather continues to be dull and miserable although yesterday when we came down Foxton flight it was really humid with some sunshine but no rain as yet.

We are now moored in the old Wharf at Market Harborough which is really nice. MH is a haven for cappuccinos!!!!!! and is now on my list.

A few pictures from our travels.

A good use of an old tree stump seen on the walk from Welford Wharf into Welford village.

You usually see a line of geese , swans have now got in on the act.

Anne bringing the boat down through the last 5 of the 10 locks at Foxton.

Heard a strange sound as we arrived at the bottom of the locks when a piper appeared out of the trees!

Good name for a boat -

After Welford next Tuesday we then plan to go down to Gayton junction before returning to Base, maybe able to post from my phone, signal permitting, as this is being done from library in MH.


Tuesday, 5 August 2008

In my post on the 14 June I had a picture of a narrow boat towing a caravan. GrannyButtons a leading narrow boat web site saw my entry and identified it as a caraboat which are now very collectable if in good condition.

Visit to repair the damage of the trip

We went upto the boat last week to do some repair jobs that we didn't get a chance to do when out on our trip because of not enough good weather 0r the fact that we were enjoying ourselves too much.

The jobs completed included resealing around the shower, resealing around the front cratch table board and repainting the hull following the scratches caused by the narrow locks.

The weather was windy with some heavy showers so we only managed one night out on the cut before we had to head home for our duty at the sailing club Regatta that was cancelled due to bad weather - first time ever according to those in the know.

The picture below is of two working boats which are probably on their way back from the working boat rally at Braunston and moored near the entrance to Wigrams. They are motor boat Atlas and its butty(unpowered) Leo, both of which I think are small Woolwich class boats.

Our next trip will be at the end of August when we have to take the boat to Welford for some TLC. During the trip she started to make some funny noises when going into forward or reverse. It could be that the drive plate is wearing (the boat equivalent of the clutch). Therefore need to disconnect the gearbox and check it out.