Autumn weather for jobs

Sunday, 19 October 2008

We managed to have a few days on the boat last week to tidy up the scratches on the gunwale during which time the weather was very good with only a few showers on the Thursday. We spent the time in the marina but Friday afternoon's weather was so nice that we had to go out for a short trip to the winding hole near the Napton flight.

On the way back we saw a Kestrel hovering by the canal and I managed to get a reasonable photo of it.

Two rainbows over the marina during one of the showers on Thursday afternoon

The harbour master at the marina is a registered keeper of barn owls and has had this female for the last 18 months. The colouring of the feathers are something else.

Yorkshire Moors and Napton

Friday, 10 October 2008

No long trips recently as Anne's father is in hospital and we have been to a Christening in Lancashire. We did get to the boat on the 24 September for a few days in the week of glorious "summer" weather at last and cruised to Fenny Compton and back to the marina on the Oxford Canal.

One of the things that I get cross about on the cut is the boater that asks you to slow down when you are already on tick over when they have moored their boats with very very slack lines. Why don't they put out a spring line which stops any movement? Photo below shows a spring line at the bow which I use all the time.

A misty morning near Marston Dole with perhaps BW sheep clearing the tow path!!

A large floating "weedberg" presumably cast adrift by cattle drinking from the canal.

An overnight mooring near Br 130 on a glorious summer evening- although the stove was required once the sun went down
The classic photo looking down Napton flight with the windmill in the distance.

The weather in Lancashire for the christening was fantastic and we had the opportunity to go to the Yorkshire Moors. Ribble Head viaduct on The Seatle & Carlisle line on our way to lunch at Hawes. Not directly related to the boat but worth posting as its such glorious scenery.