Napton Junction or Wigrams Turn

Sunday, 22 January 2012

The new year has arrived and I managed a trip up to BB the other week to check her out. Everything was fine with a inside temperature of 5degrees, She is 8 years old this May and due for her second Boat Safety Scheme examination. I therefore took the opportunity to run through the check list for the BSS whilst on board. The only thing I could find that I think will cause a problem are the 3 powder fire extinguishers that are on the red or nearly on it. I will need to replace them. Anne didn't come with me as I had nearly recovered from the bug going round but she had only just started- so a good time to de-camp for a couple of days!

We have done 1781 locks and 2531 miles since May 2004-and since retirement in 2008 we have averaged 93 days per year on the boat.

BB moored at Wigrams Turn Marina which is at Napton Junction. The old working boatmen used to call the junction Wigrams Turn.

Following her week with the boys at Stowe Hill Workshop she still looks as good as new.

A view of the bridge at Wigrams Turn-Napton Junction from our mooring.Who says winter has no colour.

The local resident swans putting heads above the pontoons to check out what I was doing.

Just to add a bit of summer cruising and of things to come one of my favourite pictures of BB going through a lock south of Kidderminster on the Staffs & Worcs Canal.I cannot remember whih one.

We both have our winter projects- Anne is doing a cross stitch called the Junction- which looks very much like Fradley on the Trent & Mersey Canal. The first picture is progress to date the second is what it will look like when finished. A fair way still to go.

Mine is to start doing the scenery on the railway using the latest thing-well new to me -static grass.You sprinkle electrical charged coloured nylon fibres on to PVA glue. They land standing up and stay that way when the glue drys. It looks very realistic.

Now starting to plan our travels for this year- hopefully going north -water levels allowing- via Birmingham Canal Navigation and Gas Street Basin.