Lancasters over Easbourne

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Sorry this post is not canal related but is in connection with the two Lancasters which have been taking part in The Eastbourne Airbourne event this weekend. The sight of the only two flying Lancasters in the world was just fabulous.  Ours was the Battle of Britain Memorial flight -the Canadian aircraft was kindly provided by The Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum. The sight and sounds of them together with the two Spitfires was awesome and will not be repeated again.They are appearing all over the UK during August and early September, look up Canadian Lancaster Itinerary to see if its near you and go and see them you will not be disappointed.

Black Bess in dry dock at Braunston

Saturday, 16 August 2014

We have been investigating all the options about repainting the boat  and  have finally taken the plunge and she has gone into dry dock in Braunston for a complete repaint in her original colour scheme. She is now ten years old and I have rubbed off her paint in parts!

This  clearly shows the classic Stowe "josher bow" which was one of the reasons we chose the boat

Came across Vulcan XM 655 on a day trip from the boat

Its been a funny year in that we have have been unable to go on an extended cruise. We have had various family commitments and I have had another trigger finger operation which has taken longer to get back to normal than the other two. We have managed a few short visits to the boat as we do get withdrawal symptoms and Simon and Debs managed to take her out for a first weekend on board, they did have to dodge heavy rain and the classic boat rally in Braunston.

A few photographs from in and around the boat on our recent visits.

We had decided to visit Charlecote Park near Stratford upon Avon. Just before we arrived we went past Wellesbourne Airfield which has Vulcan XM655 in ground running condition.

The gate house for Charlecote Manor well worth a visit if you are in the area

Braunston boat rally

Just a lovely view of the bows of old working boats

Whats up Duck- walked into the boat bold as brass

Napton lock no 8 protected and shored up pending a winter closure for repairs

I first thought this was some form of growth on the wall of the house as you approach Wigrams Turn but I think it is supposed to be clouds or possibly fish!

A boat name I could not resist

Another from the old BBC children s programme Noggin the Nogg