Dry docking now completed and back in marina

Sunday, 6 November 2011

A bit of a late post but BB has been back in the marina for the last few weeks all nice and tidy.The boys at Stowe also managed to replace the hose between the toilet and the holding tank. It had started to smell and after speaking to Lee Sanitation who said that even the special pipe can absorb the "smell" after about 6/7 years-BB is 8 next May. It was very noticeable when you opened the wardrobe-the pipe passed through at the back of it.

The swap buggt that is being used to clear the reeds around the edge of the marina. They have taken over since they were planted 6 years ago.

Our mooring on the 12 October was just past Br101 between Braunston and Napton. It is now very open since the farmer has cleared the left hand side.

A "Goodyear" air ship making hard going against the stiff breeze.

The lovely stained glass window on the cottage next to the Admiral Nelson pub part way down the Braunston flight.

The light at the end of Braunston tunnel- all you see as you make your way through it.

Working boat Jubilee on the side of the canal at Weedon