Oxford canal to Banbury and back

Friday, 31 October 2014

 A delayed posting to cover our trip in September to Banbury due to continuing problems with my T mobile pay as you go dongle that may have to go, other commitments and a little bit of complacency. It was the first trip since BB had been painted therefore it was with some trepidation as the trees all seemed to hang lower and out into the middle- or am I getting paranoid. There was one good thing in that in the 17 days that we were cruising I only got wet one morning.

I think the pictures will tell the story of our excellent Autumn cruise.

BB moored on the long remote stretch from Fenny Compton to Marston Dole near Bridge 126 - looking good

Perhaps this is why the water levels suddenly drop

I think this is a young Highland Bull giving us the eye

A fine collection of pumpkins

A really fine Inspection launch that the owner built 25 years ago, the engine is for all to see in the saloon.
Some more boat names

Not sure about this duck but a nice jaunty hat

These giant pots were in a field near Croperdy, they would take some filling

 One man and his dog 21st century style went past as we came down the Napton flight