Day 74 in and around Warwick

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Totals to day 74 which includes our day in Warwick and our trip down the Hatton flight yesterday- Friday;-

Memorable events now 13 latest being "breasted up" down the Hatton flight - see below
Cappuccino's now 20 following our visit to Warwick a mecca compared to the last week - latest being Caffe Nero, Kozi Bar, Caffe Vergnano 1882 and Il Piccolino
Lift bridges 29 ,locks 323 and 452 miles

After Thursday rain Friday was sunny/cloudy for our trip down Hatton flight. NB Gwch (Welsh for boat or in South Wales a cuddle) came along after a 30 minute wait (without cappuccino as the cafe has changed hands). We started down the flight with the four of us making good progress but we decided to "breast up". This invloved roping the two boats together which then requires only one helmsman/woman. This worked very well but I have now great respect for the old working boatmen who would do this with fully loaded 70ft boats.They are like steering large slabs of concrete, they must have been real pigs when it was windy. We did the 21 locks in 3 hours.

We have now spent two days in Warwick which is a lovely city courtsey of the Saltisford Canal Centre. Its run by a voluntary organisation and provides excellent facilities in a tranquil environment less than 10 minutes from the centre.

We are leaving tomorrow morning for our last few days on the way back to base at Wigrams Turn Marina.

An eagle at the Warwick Caste falconary display

A building of the old gasworks that is now being restored. The towers at each end hide the gas holding tanks.

The excellent coffee at Caffe Vergnano

Coming down the Hatton flight or "the gate way to heaven" as the old boatmen used to call it