Day 5 Thrupp

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Day 5 34 locks, 40 miles and still only 1 cappuccino

The weather for us continues to be grey and cloudy with a very chilly wind, but more to the point for us no rain and therefore all the boards have been taken off the Thames. We are now at Thrupp ready for our dash down the river tomorrow and Saturday to Reading.

I spoke to Orange yesterday re my connection problems and they said to diasable the wifi function. I have done this and it seems to be working but I have everything of mine and Anne's crossed.

Our mooring last night at Sommerton Meadow- one our our favourites- it was also a washing day.

Aynho Weir lock which is only 1ft deep but is wide enough to get 3 boats in so that enough water is passed to the next pound to ensure that the Sommerton Deep lock at 12ft has plenty of water.

When we moored in the centre of Banbury we were behind nb Columbia which has an interesting history. It was built as an unpowered butty in 1907, converted to a motor boat and then shortened to 54ft. It was then rebuilt to its original 70ft but was then burnt out in early 2000, completely rebuilt and converted to a live a board and finally finished in her present state in April 2009. Unfortunately its gear box had failed- it will cost about £3000 to repair and has been at Banbury for 10 days awaiting its completion.

Will hopefully be able to get a connection on the K&A so keep checking.