Jobs in the sun and a short cruise

Sunday, 14 August 2011

We went up to the boat at the beginning of August primarily to attend the BBQ at the marina on the 6 August. It also gave us the opportunity to do some more jobs on BB. I completed replacing the rope seal around the stove door and primed all the rust spots on the roof ready for it to be painted in October. BB is going into dry dock for a week at Stowe Hill for blacking etc.

The weather for the week was excellent but just before the BBQ was due to start the heavens opened for half an hour. It then stopped although it was chilly- a typical English summer evening- but the food and company was very good which made up for the weather- didn't leave until 11pm.

A few pictures of the week.

We were moored at one of our favourite spots near bridge 103 when we were nearly run over by a combined harvester!

A cool budha in the field near Braunston Turn

Working boats- Motor Seaford and Butty Alperton