Nine hours to Hinckley and beyond

Sunday, 22 April 2012

I had problems trying to post entries to the blog after Hillmorton so have had to post a few now we have got back home. Don't know what the problem was but it seems ok now.We had after we left Hillmorton a really long day for us- it was 9 hours and we covered 22.5miles and 1 lock- to Hinckley Bridge 16 on the Ashby canal where we met Pip and Richard.The weather has been very changeable- heavy showers,sunshine,cold winds and the odd sleet shower.- ah proper spring weather at last. The water levels from rain run off are going up -but probably only in the short term.

A lovely Mural on an old railway bridge as we passed Rugby

A swan nesting on an old wooden narrow boat hull near Charity Dock at Bedworth

If only more tunnels on the canal system had lights like Newbold Tunnel

It was a cold damp morning and this donkey seemed to sum it up well- I do hate mornings!!!!

Following nb Fino on the Ashby Canal
Another boat caravan

Big brother is watching

The end of the Ashby just north of Snarestone.It finishes just past the swing bridge although they are very well advanced on restoring the next section