Cryo Ablation and then a trip to Market Harborough

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Another  post I'm afraid after our trip out last month to Market Harborough on the lovely rural Leicester Arm of the Grand Union Canal. Although that may change as another marina at North Kilworth is nearing completion. The problem is that I use an EE pay as you go dongle to do my blog posts when we are out cruising. I went to activate it before our trip but could not access it and no time to sort out an alternative arrangement! Again our trip was delayed as I had a cryo ablation,at the end of May, to stop the additional electrical signals that cause the atrial fibrillation. The NHS team who performed the procedure in Eastbourne were absolutely brilliant again and it seems to have worked as my blood pressure monitor does not show that I have AF-long may it last. 

Our trip was in the first heat wave when the temperature hit 34 degrees- although the following week it rained all day and we had the fire alight- a typical English summer then. A few pictures of the trip follow

A hot day at the start of our trip with even the cows taking to the shade

We had two helpers for a few days -Dusty and Krysha. Dusty usually does offshore sailing and they were both experencing ditch creawling for the first time up Watford flight

We had a lovely mooring made for a 50 footer just before bridge 39 near the Welford Arm.

I just love this view of the Leicestershire countryside as you plunge down the escarpment  at Foxton. This flight is a staircase flight of two groups of 5 locks with side ponds and a lot of gongoozlers. Next stop Market Harborough primarily to see Anne's aunt 

We stayed at Union Wharf for 3 nights as we wanted to go into Leicester by bus to see King Richard III's grave in the cathedral and visit the excellent visitor centre The above  is a 3D model of his skeleton as found.

Going back up Foxton flight this Robin followed up through 2 of the staircase locks, I assume looking for any bugs on the lock gates.

Our mooring after leaving the top lock at Foxton just before bridge 50- who says you cannot get away from people in this country!
This most unusual boat was outside North Kilworth boat yard 

The new marina just south of North Kilworth bridge nearly ready to take its first boats.

These boats are just past bridge 16 going north and  on the start of a tight right turn- we had to make an emergency stop on the way up as a boat came round the bend rather fast- who said canal boating was easy!!

This and the next picture is of a rather unusual boat. It seems to be a modern copy in steel of  an early canal hire boat/river cruiser.

Working in the cratch back at the marina these two ducks refused to move obviously waiting to be fed. The one on the left has menacing eyes