I fell in mooring near Brewood on The Shroppie

Friday, 27 April 2018

We awoke at 08.00 to rain which was forecast for all day. We need to charge the batteries each day so -its not bad weather its wrong clothing. So with full wet weather gear on we set off at 09.30 and cruised down to Autherley Junction and turned onto The Shropshire Canal and cruised through to just before bridge 8 south of Brewood stopping at 12.30 in the rain. I have only fallen in once before just after we had the boat - I have now done it twice!!!!! As we were coming in to moor Anne had hopped of the  bow and I was going to get off to sort out the stern. Well as I went to step ashore I suddenly realised that the boat had drifted out and the gap was too big. Too late I was committed and had no way back - the only way was down and on the way down I bashed my bum on the side of the boat. A lovely bruise is now developing. Therefore the only thing that is hurt is my pride and my bum. Anne had to get the mini washing machine out to deal with all the wet clothing. Another days boating is over.

As we approached Autherley Junction we came through a series of narrows. They were built by Brindley’s navvies during the construction of the canal through solid sandstone which had come through the clay strata. Luckily we did not meet another boat although there are a couple of passing places.
The narrows

The local heron fishing -to attention - in front of the boat