At last we have started - Day One

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

The above is a picture of Hillmorton top lock - the first of 300'ish

Today 12.5 miles and 3 locks

Well we have finally left the marina and have gone 15 lock miles to Hillmorton near Rugby. Left at 07.50 and stopped for the day at 13.00. At least the wind has now dropped compared to yesterday and the run was not too bad, a bit cold but the stove was alight and warm air passed through the boat from the bow to the stern so at least my feet were nice and warm.

The other event is that we have 4 bars on my phone and I am connected to the internet so an excellent start to our trip. We did hear the weather forecast for the weekend and its snow showers again!. We should be on the Ashby by then near to Bosworth and the battle site of 1485.