Henley by The River & Rowing Museum- but problems continue with the shower pump

Monday, 18 May 2015

Monday morning dawned dull,grey and wet ah well as they say its not bad weather its bad clothing.The heating was put on as showers were required. Since we changed the fuse the shower pump has been OK. It was my turn this morning to experience its displeasure- but luckily it had pumped out most of the water before blowing its top/fuse again. Only this time it did not work after replacing it-dam and bother I thought. We do need to get this fixed, Janet is due to bring over the replacement impeller kit which finally arrived at Aynho and they very kindly posted to Janet's for us. Just in case this doesn't work we have arranged to go into Harleyford Marine above Temple Lock to get it fixed once and for all. As it was only small rain drops it was decided to move down to Henley-all went well but for the last few hundred yards when it threw it down-the right clothing was on so everything OK. A walk round town including a stop for coffee and then a visit to the River & Rowing Museum which was well worth the entrance charge. Paid our £10 mooring charge and await Janet's arrival tomorrow morning

This canoe went past and then I realised -NO PADDLES - it was powered by an electric motor

Our mooring outside the River & Rowing Museum on Mill Meadows in Henley

Looking up river from the bridge to our mooring near the trees in the river

Sign on Henley Bridge to warn traction engine crews 

Watching the Henley Rowing Club getting ready for the Regatta

Some more river houses as we came into Henley