Odiham-Colt Hill- Basingstoke Canal

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Well we have finally arrived in Odiham - 30 years after leaving it- but this time by boat on a canal that was derelict but had hope of being brought back to life- it took another 13 years. It was well worth all the effort to get here. We walked down London Road and passed our old house into the High Street which has had a great many changes but still has a lot of character. We did a walk along the canal to Broad Oak bridge then through Broad Oak Common back into Odiham which has had some large houses built along the lane. It has taken 30 years but Charles Church Builders have just started a new in fill housing development between the High Street and the bypass that was built just before we left.

Our mooring at Colt Hill by Galleon Marine

View from Colt Hill Bridge we are past the building which is a new lottery funded canoe centre

Looking up London Road towards Odiham High Street- now a dead end

Old sign on the wall of The Old Cricketers Inn

We had a meal in this now Chef & Brewer pub- NB Waterwitch used to trade on the canal

Our  old house
Odiham High Street

A lot of history

The stocks set up about 1376

The new up market Co-Op store on the site of an old garage

An impressive notice board 

The town still had a lot of flags up for a Magna Carta event last weekend.

Two fine examples